Littering and unprecedented waste is forming a part of the mountain ecosystem, making it worse for the environment. This unattended waste spreads further due to wind, rain and other forces of nature, and further contaminates downstream natural ecosystems and food chains. This is harmful not only to those living in the immediate vicinity of mountains but also to those living thousands of miles away from mountains as we all depend upon another in ways we don’t fully understand yet.
Land and water pollution which is typically non biodegradable and puts at risk the natural ecosystem and its participants (whether upstream or downstream).

Examples: water bottles, plastic bags, food packaging, wrappers, alcohol cans and tins, apparels made from artificial yarn, alcohol glass bottles, sanitary napkins and pads, metal equipment, etc.
Our current focus area is mountains and trekking routes and surrounding villages / cities in India.
Typically in a clear and certain whether, without putting yourself or those with you at risk in any way. We suggest avoiding times or being more cautious when the weather can be harsh; e.g. extreme rain (July - August) or very cold with constant snow (December - January).
  • Demarcate a site which is currently most polluted en-route your trek
  • Inform your Trekker Warrior team wherever possible and agree on time and responsibilities
  • In a team, try to divide the work; e.g. one person picks and another puts in the trash bag, or one person picks bigger objects and the other one focuses on the smaller items
  • Use proper gear wherever possible. Gear includes - gloves, mask, and shoes.
  • Always carry with yourself a waste collection bag in which you put the collected trash
  • Try to avoid physical contact with contaminated waste
  • Don’t lift heavy objects without adequate support or a body posture
  • Don’t touch metal or sharp objects with bare body parts; get thick gloves or use other gear to lift objects
  • Always remember to properly dispose off the collected trash
  • Don’t burn the garbage unless that is the only way; please contact with Trekker Warrior team on this