Who are we?

The founding team members are regular trekkers and certified mountaineers, who have been to different mountain terrains around the world. They all met in the majestic Himalayas at some points either as trekkers or as students of NIMAS (a mountaineering institute).

Tarun Babbar

Tarun is a marketing and strategy professional, who has worked in leading roles in some well known startups as well as internet companies in the US, Canada, and India. An MBA from the prestigious Cornell University, a certified mountaineer, and fitness aficionado, he discovered his passion for the mountains and environment in 2015. He has trekked around the world in India, Bhutan, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, Scotland, Mongolia, China, USA, and Canada. In his spare time, he can be found training for his next mountain trek or trekking a mountain.

Even after visiting some of the most admired mountain ranges such as the Rockies, Caucasus, and Sierra Nevada, he found the Himalayas to be his greatest love. With a deep desire to give back and preserve the majesty of the Himalayas, he conceptualized the idea of Trekker Warrior with the founding team.

Dr. Alwyn Perez

Alwyn is a highly accomplished finance and strategy professional with a solid academic foundation. He holds a Masters in Commerce, MBA in International Finance & Marketing, MBA in International Business & Strategy, and a PhD in Financial Management from London, UK. Besides his profession, he is known as a sportsman, coach, mentor, musician, and mountaineer. While living across Europe, Asia and Middle East for his education and work, he found his passion in giving back and bringing a positive change to the society.

Though he already consults few NGOs in India and aboard for street kids and senior citizens, his love for mountains brought him onboard as a founding member of Trekker Warrior. It was Alwyn who clearly defined Trekker Warrior’s cause to protect, restore and preserve our mountains.

Avinash Pandey

Avinash is an IT professional and has worked with leading IT research companies. Masters in engineering from BITS Pilani, a certified mountaineer, and a fitness enthusiast, he started his mountain journey in 2011 with Kedarkantha trek, the snow capped Himalayas, the greenery, lush landscapes, a myriad collection of flora and frozen ponds made him breathless. That’s when he discovered his passion for Himalayas. For him, trekking is similar to meditation; when he reaches a mountain peak, he feels strange peace within. Like the rest of the team, he is almost always training and preparing for his next trekking expedition.

He is associated with several NGOs who are working against poverty and injustice. Now he wants to do the same for mountains via Trekker Warrior.

Kalyan Kumar

Kalyan is in a software engineer currently settled in the Indian Silicon Valley (Bangalore). He has worked for over 16 years with some of the industry's leading IT technology companies in varied roles after earning a masters from the reputed BITS Pilani. Not unexpected of someone with a keen interest in trekking, he also likes running and staying very fit. Once he developed a taste for trekking in the Himalayas, he was inspired to join the National Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports (NIMAS) to do a mountaineering course.

Kalyan finds himself at peace in nature, but particularly in mountains. Give him a rock to sit on and a mountain view, and he will want to spend the whole day there, doing nothing but enjoying where he is. His love for mountains and desire to do social good brought him onboard as a founding member of Trekker Warrior.

Our Advisors

We love what we do and we do it with passion. We are building a community of like minded trekkers who want to bring a positive change to mountain ecosystems while they are trekking. Please contact us if you are interested.


Aviral is a researcher who works towards low carbon development to minimize the impact of climate change on the planet. He has been promoting innovative technologies, research, and government policies after getting a master’s degree in Engineering from the TERI School of Advanced Studies in Delhi.

Beneath the professional hat, Aviral is an explorer, adventurer, and self-recognized philosopher who has been ritually trekking for a few times a year - over a period of 6 years! He feels at home most in the mountains where he can ponder over life’s deep questions and search for answers in nature’s metaphorical puzzles. The peace and challenges that the mountains present make him aspire to be a perennial caretaker for nature.

Aviral joined Trekker Warrior as a volunteer, as he believes that if we call ourselves the most intelligent species on the planet, then we should keep nature as beautiful as we inherited it. Aviral will lead efforts to build awareness and raise the level of education to bring this much-needed change in mindset.

PC Anto

PC Anto, better known is a Delhi-based director, producer, and creative writer. For the past 16 years, he has been on a purposeful journey to use communication to make social changes. He has a PG diploma in Electronic Journalism from the National Institute of Social Communication Research and Training in Delhi.

PC’s creative contributions have gone a long way to create awareness and mindfulness about issues like women empowerment, conflict resolution, gender sensitivity, street children at risk, HIV/AIDS, etc. He has worked for organizations like WWF, World Vision India, Save the Children, Red Cross Society, and others.

Through his tireless efforts, PC has captured human experiences in conflict with various external and internal forces, including nature. He is passionate about the mountains that spark his inner creativity and broadens his perspectives on life itself. As a volunteer and advisor for Trekker Warrior, he aims to bring out our vision to life.

Sarita Thakore

Sarita brings over two decades of experience in leading projects on water and sanitation, waste management, environmental education, sustainability, and climate change. She plays a vital role in the journey to change, from monitoring and capacity building to systematically creating awareness across India. She is an MA in Education From the prestigious Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

Sarita started her early career with wildlife conservation education, focusing on the conservation of Asian elephants and wild buffalos. She has conducted several nature camps in Nagpur for pre-university students to teach them about biodiversity. She has also conducted multiple awareness and capacity building programs for teachers, students, NGO professionals, community groups, women, and CSR teams.

Sarita believes in carving a niche for herself to combine theory, practice, and policy and then use this framework to see the bigger picture. Sarita’s first brush with the Himalayan mountains was when she had conducted awareness programs for school kids. Today, as a part of the core team at Trekker Warrior, she is eager to help us do what she does best – talking about change before making it happen, through education led initiatives.

In the News

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