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Our Mountains are better than Landfills
About Us

Our Community Owners and Volunteers ensure a concerted effort at the grassroots. Our conviction lies in finding  local solutions for local problems. We aim to bring back the ancient ties to the soil that have helped preserve the balance in nature since ages. Encouraging locals and the youth to take charge revitalizes the environmental cause in the most organic way.

Bond with Local Communities

Our network of COs helps us interact directly with local communities. Learning about their ways and widening our perspective is essential for bringing effective environmental change.

Cultivate sense of local ownership

Trekker Warrior inspires a sense of local community ownership by assigning Community Owners or COs, who lead environmental operations in their areas.

Assist Local Community Owners

Once a CO contacts us with their decision to conduct a drive, Trekker Warrior assists them financially and logistically. Their drives are also showcased on our social media to inspire more people!

The TW team

Our founders conceived Trekker Warrior while travelling across the mountains of India. Our country’s ecological, cultural and geographical diversity commands a decentralised, local approach to address its environmental issues. That’s where our core team helps Community Owners financially and logistically to make a difference.

Tarun Babbar
Avinash Pandey
Dr. Alwyn Perez
Srestha Basu
Operations Coordinator
Arsch Sharma
Content Writer
Himanshu Saleria
Lead Advisor, Tech
Ritovash Mazumder
Social Media Manager
Sudeepti P
Manager - Community Building & Operations
Local Chapter Presidents

Since Trekker Warrior operates at a pan-India level, we have formed ‘Regional Chapters’ to geographically segregate our operations. Each of these chapters has native Community Owners and a Local Chapter President, who guides and coordinates them.

Appu C Appu C Thrissur
Komal Tripathi Komal Tripathi Bangalore
Naveed Farooq Naveed Farooq Kashmir
Rupali Pachpor Rupali Pachpor Mumbai
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